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Eating Disorder Test

For yourself or someone you know, rate the following questions:

1-Often   2-Sometimes   3-Rarely   4-Never

_____   I feel proud of my thinness.

_____   I weigh myself often.

_____   I have fasted.

_____   I fear becoming fat.

_____   I feel fat, even though friends and family say I'm not.

_____   I feel the need to exercise every day.

_____   I enjoy preparing meals for others but eat little myself.

_____   I've eaten in binges. (A lot at one time very quickly)

_____   I like and anticipate eating alone.

_____   I eat even when I'm not hungry.

_____   I eat sensibly in front of others but not when I'm alone.

_____   I've made repeated attempts to diet or restrict my eating.

_____   I feel self-conscious or embarrassed about my eating behaviors.

_____   I sneak food when no one's around.

_____   I have lied about the amount of food I eat.

_____   I have vomited/made myself vomit after eating or binge-eating.

_____   I have used laxative, diet pills, appetite suppressants or diuretics to control my weight.

_____   I panic if I gain a couple of pounds.

_____   I think about food frequently, deciding to eat or not eat.

_____   I feel out of control when eating or binge-eating.

_____   I often feel depressed or anxious after eating.

_____   I eat more when I'm upset or under stress.