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Eating Disorder Poetry


What brings a person to this state?

The tired and weary eyes,
that long to see the reflection of a different person,
while peering at the reflection in a pool.
The bony body,
tearing away at its own flesh.
Skipping meals,
and vomiting up what she has just consumed,
tired and lonely while the days pass by,
darker and darker as they become.

Till one day the body cannot go on,
and as she slips away you hold her tight
wanting to tell how beautiful she was in your eyes.
Feeling the rough skin go cold,
and you know that it's too late,
and the spirit has failed the body,
and the person could no longer live in the dark world
where people are judged by skinny versus fat
but that the person is in a better place.

What brings a person to this state?