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If there is one thing we have learned in our over two decades of offering treatment for eating disorders, it is that there is no “snapping out of it.” The issues behind eating disorders are far too complex to be so dismissive to someone who is suffering in a very real way. A Place of Hope knows that the issues you are experiencing in regard to weight and food are real. We also know that your experience, while sharing commonalities with others suffering from eating disorders, is unique because you are an individual with unique life experiences. That said, treatment should not be “one size fits all,” and it never is at our Center for Counseling and Health Resources.

For the uninitiated, A Place of Hope approaches treatment for eating disorders and other issues using our patented “whole-person” approach. This means focusing on the following areas of you as a person:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Relational
  • Intellectual
  • Nutritional
  • Spiritual

Each of us as individuals has a lifetime of experiences in each of these areas. The idea behind the whole person approach is to take a good look at these areas and any issues you may be experiencing in them in order to get to the core issues behind your eating disorder. This focus on you and your unique life experiences allows us to facilitate a recovery process that resonates with you in a real and lasting way.

An atmosphere of compassion and support is what will serve you well as you approach treatment and commit yourself to your recovery. You will find just such an atmosphere at A Place of Hope. We want you to feel comfortable being yourself while you are here, and to share your experiences freely and with the knowledge that you are accepted for who you are.

When it comes to eating disorders there is no “snapping out of it.” There is, however, hope and the knowledge that a lasting recovery is absolutely within your reach. Let us help you to address and overcome the issues at the heart of your eating disorder, and reclaim the life you so richly deserve.