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Eating Disorder News

Eating Disorder News

Please find a variety of news articles on Eating Disorders. Depression, Stress, Weight Loss, and Gambling Addiction. Caring Online adds articles on a regular basis so be sure to come back to this page often. If you want to read about Celebrities who have struggled with eating disorders, click here.

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apoh-logo-smallThe Center • A Place of HOPE For over 30 years The Center • A Place of HOPE has successfully treated thousands struggling with eating disorders. Our unique whole-person approach to counseling helps individuals achieve long-lasting success over an eating disorder. Our emphasis is on Emotional Balance, Intellectual Discovery, Relational Healing, Physical Wellness, Nutritional Support, and Spiritual Renewal.

Comfort eating? Perceptions of Fat are Altered by Mood and State of Mind, Found in Study People with mild depression or anxiety may have modified perceptions of how fat, sweet and bitter flavours which could result in higher consumption levels of unhealthy foods, researchers suggest. This study was done by the University of Wurzburg, Germany, and led by Dr. Petra Platte. See Full Article on Food Navigator

Win One of Ten Free Books Offered in Drawing Directions: Enter by completing the contact form with your name, address (must include address) and email. Then enter “Body” in message, and you will automatically be entered into our June 15, 2013 drawing! The Body God Designed by Dr. Gregory L. Jantz with Ann McMurray. Many people look in the mirror and are dissatisfied with their bodies. They see a seat too big and a chest too small, an enormous nose and beady eyes. Psalm 139 tells us how God feels about our bodies. We get the “fearful” part; it’s the “wonderful” we’re not so sure about. The Body God Designed presents the idea that God Himself made us and has a body intended just for us. This God-intended body may have been altered by our circumstances or by our behaviors, but with His help, we can restore our bodies to the level of health and vitality He planned for us.

FOX NEWS – “Hot” List Backlash

An anonymous committee of students at Issaquah High School created a “May Madness” bracket of 64 girls and 64 guys pitted against each other based on looks alone. Each week, students vote on who is the most attractive. It’s a tradition at the school that has gone on for at least the last five years. See Full Article on

For Some Women, Genes May Influence Pressure to be Thin

Genetics may make some women more vulnerable to the pressure of being thin, a study led by Michigan State University researchers has found. From size-zero models to airbrushed film stars, thinness is portrayed as equaling beauty across Western culture, and it’s an ideal often cited as a cause of eating disorder symptoms in young women… See Full Article on MSU Today

The Biology Behind Binge Eating

Female rats are much more likely to binge eat than male rats, according to new research that provides some of the strongest evidence yet that biology plays a role in eating disorders….

See Full Article on MSU Today

Lady Gaga Launches Campaign to Help People With Eating Disorders

Lady Gaga is opening up about her struggles with an eating disorder, deciding instead to flaunt her so-called curvy flaws and launching a campaign for others to do the same. Firing back at tabloid attacks on her 25-pound weight gain, the singer posted photos of herself wearing only a bra and panties on her website Tuesday. See Full Article on

Social Media Encourages Status of “Thigh-Gap” Social media thigh gapNumerous young girls are following the new movement of posting pictures of their “thigh gaps” on social media sites. The way a “thigh gap” is described is – if they put their knees together, their hips do not touch. Click here to read the full article

Mother Discovers Daughter’s Weight-Loss Plan: “Diyet List”

An Australian mother discovered a heartbreaking, handwritten note lying on the floor of her daughter’s room: the 7-year-old’s “diyet” list. Cheney said she found the diet list alongside her daughter’s Polly Pockets and friendship bracelets, but it is the girl’s spelling that poignantly highlights just how young she is. Click here to read the full article

Too-Skinny Ban Against Models Takes Place in Israel

A company selling weight-loss products on the internet has begun to directly target teenagers with eating disorders using Tumblr, pushing its “system” on girls participating in the online “pro-ana” subculture that encourages anorexia and bulimia. See Full Article on

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