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And Eating

Pleasing a Picky Eater
Chew on this: Picky eaters may be born that way.
New research cited in The Yale Guide to Children’s Nutrition suggests that the ability to taste sweetness and bitterness may be genetically related to the number of taste buds on a taster’s tongue.

Will Your Child Get an Eating Disorder?
Self-starvation. Bingeing and purging. Compulsive overeating. It may be impossible to imagine your three, four, or five year old touched in any way by such grown-up disorders. Yet a variety of experts believe that the potential for eating-related illnesses can develop very early in life.

A Contract For Coping
Like many childish behaviors picky eating can tear at the fabric of your family. Meals can become battles with parents yelling at children, parents yelling at each other. The atmosphere can become so tense and acrimonious that you dread sitting down to dinner. In fact as I reflect on the hundreds of parents whom I have counseled over the last twenty-five years it is clear that the damage created by picky eating is primarily to interpersonal relationships. It rarely does any serious nutritional harm.

Transdisciplinary approach to pediatric undernutrition
In the multidisciplinary model, professionals from a variety of disciplines come together to work as a team; and although each team member is viewed as important, members function as independent specialists rather than interactive team members. The child or the family may be assessed individually by several disciplines but generally at the discretion of the team leader, usually a physician in medical settings.

secrets of feeding a healthy family Secrets of Feeding A Healthy Family
This new book by Ellyn Satter breaks the spell of negativity and fear that permeates our eating. Ellyn Satter empowers and inspires us to love – and cook – our favorite foods and teach our children to do the same. Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family helps us past the barriers to getting a meal on the table – and eating it.

coping with a picky eaterCoping With a Picky Eater : A Guide for the Perplexed Parent
William G. Wilkoff
With cases ranging from the toddler who eats only peanut butter and jelly on white bread to the six-year-old who insists on scrambled eggs and cheese at every meal, pediatrician William G. Wilkoff, M.D., has been counseling picky eaters and their concerned parents for more than twenty years.

one bite won't kill you One Bite Won’t Kill You
Ann Hodgman & Roz Chast
Tired of arguing over every last nibble? Comfortable with loading your cupboards with cream of mushroom soup and boxed muffin mix? This hilarious book could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Filled with tasty comfort food that’s sure to delight folks of all ages, “One Bite Won’t Kill You” reminds parents of the sure-fire tool for dealing with those advanced picky eaters: a sense of humor.

dealing with the picky eaterD.W. The Picky Eater
Creative Wonders CD-ROM computer disc
The package starts off with an interactive storybook, featuring Miss D.W. herself as a picky eater who won’t try anything new–until she has a big surprise at her Grandma’s birthday dinner. The story has tons of funny clickables and graphics that look identical to Marc Brown’s awesome illustrations from the book.

failure to thrive Failure to Thrive and Pediatric Undernutrition
Daniel Kessler and Peter Dawson (eds)
Replete with assessment and intervention techniques, this encyclopedic book explores failure to thrive and pediatric undernutrition in an accessible, multidisciplinary way.


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