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CaringOnline is one of the largest web sites with information on Eating Disorders, and is in the Top 10 listings. We average over 8,000 unique visitors to our Treatment Center, Private Practices, Websites, Support web pages per month.

For Individuals, Clinics, and Treatment Centers has over 600,000 visitors a month.

You can post a listing(s) in our Treatment Finder Section. There are a variety of options to post a listing, including posting a listing for free. Along with a full-featured listing under the Treatment Finder Section, with a paid listing, you will also receive a 1-line entry on the following web pages: Eating Disorder Web Sites, Eating Disorder Clinics, Treatment Centers and another full page listing on your on web page. Pricing is based upon annual listings.

Sponsor-You may also be one of the Sponsors of a web page. As a sponsor there will be a link (along with one sentence) to your listing at the top of the sponsored page.

You will be able to make payment by credit card through our secured connection with PayPal.


Free Listing:
Total: 1 listing In Treatment Finder

Basic Listing ($50 yr):
Total: 1 listing in Treatment Finder, 3 listings on other pages, plus 1 full page under Treatment Center Section (Sample), private messaging*

Mid-Range Listing ($75 yr):
Total: 1 listing in Treatment Finder (includes 1 image), 3 listings on other pages, plus 1 full page under Treatment Center Section (Sample), private messaging*

Advanced Listing ($150 yr):
Total: 3 listings in Treatment Finder (includes 3 image), 3 listings on other pages, plus 1 full page under Treatment Center Section (Sample), private messaging *

Grand Listing ($250 yr):
Total: 3 listings in Treatment Finder (includes 3 imagse), 3 listings on other pages, plus 1 full page under Treatment Center Section (Sample), private messaging* plus sponsor listing (Website link placed on the top of a page).

*Private Messaging-gives the capability to receive private e-mails from clients. Potential clients are more likely to contact you if they can do it privately through the web site, instead of sending an e-mail.

Registration Instructions

Detailed Information on Type of Listings

PermissionsFreeBasicMid-RangeAdvanced Grand
Number of Treatment Finder ads allowed to be posted11133
Maximum ad title length (characters)5560657085
Maximum description length (characters)2008008008001500
Ability to edit posted adsYesYesYesYesYes
Number of images allowed to be uploaded00133
Allow to maintain galleryNoNoYesYesYes
Listings on other web pages

(Inludes 1-line entry under websites, clinics, & treatment centers, plus 1-page listing under Treatment Centers)

Sponsor Web Page (Additional Listing and

Placement on top of page)

Allow to set the email notification.YesYesYesYesYes
Allow to send and reply to private emails.YesYesYesYesYes
Allow to set email signature.NoYesYesYesYes
Private messages mailbox size (items)010203060
Number of private messages to sent per month010203060
PriceFree$ 50.00$ 75.00$ 150.00$ 250.00
Total Number of ads/listings 15556
Period1 Year 1 Year 1 Year1 Year 1 Year

Your paid listings will be automatically renewed annually unless you cancel.

Listing Categories
When you go to post an ad there will be various Types of Treatment and Treatment Categories you can choose from. If you upgrade your account, you can have listings in more than one category.

Types of Treatment
Clinic, Coaching, Faith-Based, In-Patient, Out-Patient, Support Group, Other

Treatment Categories
Abuse, Alcohol/Drug, Depression, Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Relationships, Sexual

Web Pages that are available for Sponsorship

Treatment Centers

Celebrity Page-Gets tons of hits

Registration Instructions.

Writing Articles on Eating Disorders
Another means of advertising on our web site is by you providing articles, insights, poetry, short stories on Eating Disorders or related topics. We will list your contact information along with your submission.

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