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Australian actress, model and singer Imogen Bailey revealed her battle with anorexia during her early modeling days during an interview with Now magazine.

Imogen turned to starving herself in order to look her best for revealing fashion shoots. She lost so much weight that one magazine refused to run her pictures because she looked unhealthy. At her skinniest, 5’3″ Imogen weighed less than 90 pounds.

At the urging of concerned friends and family, Bailey turned to therapy and meditation to help recover from her eating disorder.

Bailey says she has a much healthier self-image today.

“Women’s bodies change on such a constant basis – when it’s that time of the month I can add 5kg quite easily,” she explained. “I try not to focus on that too much and if I connect all the dots and meditate and keep my mind focused and healthy, that’s one of the ways of avoiding slipping back into eating disorders.”