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Fear of Abandonment: Its Role in Relationships

Andrea was in turmoil. Everything between them had been going so well and now this – Ryan couldn’t go out Thursday because he was supposedly visiting an out-of-town friend. Frantic, she tried to think back over the past few weeks, which was hard when her mind was in...

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How to Achieve Emotional Freedom from Food

Can the person for whom food and eating has become so twisted be healed? Yes! There is something amazing that occurs when past hurts are resolved and the substitute of food is no longer needed. We’ve seen people change who have been in a decades-long struggle with...

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Acceptance Versus Denial

Verbal and/or emotional abuse leaves no visible scars, so the tendency to deny that these events happened can be great. Often the parent will remember the circumstances from a very different perspective than the child. The child-self recalls one version of events, and...

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Binge Eating During the Holidays

The holiday party was still going full swing in the living room, so Bob felt safe ducking into the kitchen. His wife, JoAnn, was busy getting the holiday DVD setup for the kids in the family room, so he doubted anyone would be coming in. Half eaten meals littered the...

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